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Corporate Governance & Development


In the thematic field "Business Management & Development", the services are divided into eight business layers, ranging from starting a business, being an employer, ensuring occupational safety, participating in tenders to dissolving a business.

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Business start-up & trade licensing

The establishment of a company is primarily associated with its registration with various bodies, the application for (exemption) permits and the registration of competent persons as well as the proof of knowledge and means. A number of administrative contacts are advisory services (e.g. the choice of legal form), others are basic obligations (e.g. business registration). The services of the business situation also include specific tasks that are only relevant for certain sectors or activities because, for example, they are subject to a permit or monitoring obligation or have to provide specific proof, e.g. a certificate from the health authority.

Statistical & reporting obligations

Statistics are collected in the area of production and means of production as well as in relation to the structure, organisation and personnel of the company. The individual reports and key figures to be submitted vary greatly from sector to sector and according to the size of the enterprise. Many enterprises are obliged - in different forms, on different topics and with varying frequency - to transmit statistical information. The core services of the business situation are therefore presented both at the cross-industry level (e.g. survey of labour earnings) and for individual industries (e.g. agricultural statistics).


For certain events, permission must be obtained from the administration, for example if the event is to be held on public streets or squares. Furthermore, additional special permits may be required in individual cases, e.g. if fireworks are to be set off, curfews are to be deviated from or children are to participate in an event. These services are summarised in the Events business section.

Business Liquidation & Transfer

The business situation business dissolution and business transfer includes the three cases of business cessation, insolvency and business transfer. If a business activity is discontinued, the business must be deregistered for tax purposes and, if required, for commercial purposes. In some sectors, the planned cessation of business must also be reported. If the business is taken over, approval may be required and in individual cases there may even be a merger audit.