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Building & Living


The thematic field "Building & Living" comprises the three life and business layers "Building & Real Estate", "House Building & Real Estate Acquisition" and "Living & Moving".


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Life Situations

Building & Real Estate

The business situation "Construction & Real Estate" includes all relevant services for the planning, construction and management of real estate. Accordingly, not only companies from the construction industry are affected. The business situation is closely related to the life situation of citizens building houses and acquiring real estate, whose services are primarily assigned to the business situation of construction and real estate.

Living & Moving

In addition to all services in connection with a re-registration, the living situation "Housing & Moving" also includes permanent services, such as waste disposal, as well as household-related areas, such as mini-jobs in private households.

House Building & Real Estate Acquisition

The life situation "house construction & real estate acquisition" is the most comprehensive life situation for citizens. It includes all services in the context of planning and implementation of building projects or the acquisition of a property, from the preliminary building permit to the building inspection and the land transfer tax.