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Mobility is a central factor for the economy and society in North Rhine-Westphalia. Regardless of whether you want to travel privately or professionally on our roads, our rails or in the air: Here you will find information about vehicles, driving licences, logistics and stays abroad.

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Car ownership

In the "Car ownership" section, you will find the most important information about cars, e.g. on registering or deregistering vehicles, on personalised number plates or on parking permits for residents, severely disabled persons and tradesmen.

Logistics & Transport

Companies that are active in the field of transport and logistics or whose business takes place on public roads have to comply with a number of obligations. These are first and foremost admission(s) to road traffic and related (special) permits as well as driving and transport permits.

Stay abroad

The living situation "stay abroad" includes benefits related to short stays, such as the passport and travel warnings, as well as longer stays abroad, but not emigration, which is distinguished in a separate living situation.

Driving licence

The life situation of driving licences includes all services related to the acquisition and maintenance of driving licences and driving permits. This includes, among other things, the necessary documents for the application, but also important information on the driving aptitude register (information on points) or on fines.