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Engagement & Hobby


The topic area "Engagement & Hobby" comprises the five life situations "Boat ownership", "Fishing and hunting", "Engagement and participation", "Keeping animals" and "Holding an event".

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Life Situations

Conduct event

In addition to the event permit, the life situation of holding an event includes permits for the closure of roads, the setting off of fireworks and Easter bonfires.

Engagement & Participation

In addition to numerous offers on how to spend your free time, you also have the opportunity to get involved socially, politically or culturally or to do voluntary work.

Boat ownership

There are numerous obligations associated with owning and using a boat. For example, you need a permit to drive a boat, you have to register the boat, you need authorisation to navigate waters and you need a mooring for the boat. These services are summarised in the life situation boat ownership.

Fishing & Hunting

The life situation of fishing and hunting includes services in connection with the general proof of qualification and the permit (e.g. weapons permit, fishing licence) as well as specific event-related services, e.g. in connection with the purchase or sale of a weapon.