The thematic field of "environment" includes services that are primarily used by companies or professionals, but in some cases also by citizens. The services are divided into the two broad business areas of "facilities and materials" and "waste and environmental protection", but in addition to the classic environmental media, they also include, for example, services in the area of nature conservation, agriculture and forestry, and veterinary services.

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Betreiber von industriellen Anlagen, insbesondere von genehmigungsbedürftigen Anlagen nach dem BundesImmissionsschutzgesetz (BImSchG), haben regelmäßig verschiedene Berichtspflichten über die von ihren Anlagen ausgehenden Emissionen gegenüber der zuständigen Behörde zu erfüllen.

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Waste & Environmental Protection

Companies must comply with an extensive number of regulations in order to minimise the adverse effects of their business activities on the environment. In this context, companies must in particular obtain permits and approvals and report information on environmental impacts, especially in the areas of immission control and waste disposal. The business situation includes such diverse services as information from the soil protection and contaminated site register, emission declarations, proof of disposal, transport permits for waste, exemption permits under species protection law, permits for the use of water bodies, permits for the extraction of soil or the discharge of waste water, compensation for noise protection measures, or permits under nature conservation law or those for forestry measures.

Plants & Substances

The business situation covers a wide range of activities related to operating equipment, operating facilities as well as substances used in the production process. Examples are notification and approval processes, approvals under the Federal Immission Control Act, approvals of X-ray equipment, product and substance approvals, but also permits for certain veterinary treatments, notifications of photovoltaic systems, health certificates for animal foodstuffs, frequency allocation by the Federal Network Agency or the recognition of certain professional qualifications.