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Work & Retirement


The thematic field "Work & Retirement" deals with a wide variety of social benefits for citizens. In a total of five life situations, ranging from (threatened) job loss and subsequent job search to financial livelihood security/support in case of financial problems as well as job change to old-age provision and pension/social compensation, mainly benefits are processed that are directed at citizens in need of assistance and support. In addition to various federal, state and municipal authorities, the benefits are also provided by other providers such as Caritas.

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Life Situations

Retirement provision

The life situation "retirement provision" includes, on the one hand, benefits in connection with provisions for one's own old age or retirement, for which there are, for example, state subsidies, and, on the other hand, benefits with which one can make arrangements for the case of one's own indisposition, such as the custody, patient and care decree or the last will and testament.

Financial livelihood security/support in case of financial problems

The state ensures support for people through a variety of social benefits in order to avoid poverty. Some of these social benefits relate to specific areas of life, such as housing (e.g. housing allowance, housing entitlement certificate), while others ensure general provision, such as basic security.

(Threat of) job loss & job search

The employment agencies support the unemployed and job-seeking workers in their professional integration. In addition to the payment of unemployment benefits in case of unemployment, they receive support in taking up a new job through counselling, orientation and placement and other 55 benefits of active labour promotion. Those capable of working and in need of assistance receive unemployment benefit II and benefits for integration into work through the job centres.

Pension & Social Compensation

In addition to the determination and payment of pensions, for the most part by the statutory pension insurance, the life situation pension also includes compensation benefits, among others for victims of injustice suffered.