Information in plain language

Plain language

Here you will find information on the service portal of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia in plain language.

Plain language


On this website you will find information in plain language.

Plain language means writing or speaking in a way that everyone can understand.

Plain language is especially important for people with learning difficulties.

Plain language is also good for all other people.


For example:

For people who can't read so well.

For people who can't speak German so well.

Good to have you here!


Welcome to the website with the address:

This is an internet site of the federal state of NRW.

NRW is the abbreviation for North Rhine-Westphalia.

North Rhine-Westphalia is a federal state of Germany.

What you can do on this website


The service portal helps you with many matters concerning public authorities.

An authority carries out tasks for citizens.

It is often called an office.

For example, the Social Welfare Office.

Or the Citizens' Advice Bureau.


The service portal helps you with these things, for example:


    You want to make an application.
    You need a form.
    You want a permit.
    You are looking for information.


You can do this directly on this Internet page.

Then you don't have to go or drive to the authority,

and you don't have to send a letter.

You can just do it from home.

All you need is a computer or a mobile phone.

There are programmes on it that give you access to the Internet. These programmes are called "web browsers".

There are different web browsers.

For example, they are called "Edge" or "Firefox" or "Chrome". They are often already installed on your computer or mobile phone.

Start a web browser.

In the web browser you can enter addresses for Internet pages. This Internet page has the address:


The NRW Service Portal has many advantages.

It is quicker and easier to submit your application.

The authority can receive yours quickly.

You can use the NRW Service-Portal anywhere.

For example:


    when you are at home
    when you are on the road


And you don't have to print out so much paper.

That's good for everyone.

How to use this Internet site


The start page is the entry page to the service portal. It opens when you enter the address

The menu

On the start page you will find a menu above the large picture. The menu is also located at this point on all other pages. The menu has links to various pages. The topic fields are particularly important. Topic areas provide information about things that are important to many people.





Some topic areas are, for example:


    Family and child
    Building and housing
    Immigration and Emigration


Click on the term "thematic fields" in the menu above the large picture. You will then see a list of many terms. All these terms are subject areas. Click on a term. You will then be taken to a page on this subject area.

Topic area pages



The information

When you are on a topic field page, you will find a lot of information.

And you will find references to "life situations". These are situations in which people particularly need this information.

You can click on the reference to a life situation. This will open a page with information about the situation.

Life situations



The services

On the page for the life situation, you will find information on benefits from offices and authorities. This includes applications. Applications are made to the authorities so that you can get a permit. Or get help. Or apply for a document.

This is described in detail on the benefit details page. If you click on the reference to a service, the service details page opens.





The Search

There is also a search function on the start page.





You enter your search term in the search field "What are you looking for?".

The search term is the topic you want to search for.

Then click on "Find".

You will then see the matching results.

You can also enter your place of residence in the field "Where are you looking? Then you will get search results that are specific to your place of residence. For example, the applications you can submit. To do this, simply select a search hit from the search hit list that is called "Benefit".


On other pages, you will find the search at the top right. Simply click on the magnifying glass. The search fields will then open.

Search top right

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